It is about beauty and love

Some use to think that evolution is a proof of evil or ravenous nature of human beings because it seems to be all about competition and survival of the fittest. Competition plays its role, but evolution is mainly about cooperation and organization smaller elements into larger more sophisticated structures.

Like this:

  • coal atoms join with other elements into larger particles,
  • coal based particles code genes forming DNA particles,
  • DNA is a part of living cells,
  • cells connect together into tissues and organs,
  • different kinds of organs form human,
  • humans form families and tribes or communities,
  • tribes / communities form nations and countries,
  • countries and multinational organisations form the whole humanity,
  • humanity, animals, plants and other living organisms form the whole words’ nature,
  • maybe it ends here …


Man is not an isolated being on top of this ladder. We are part of something bigger, integrating with each other, not fighting.

To be poetic: love is stronger than hate.

Each level of organization is unique and distinctive from other and so is inter-human communication. There is biological, evolutional background imprinted in subconscious brain structures that drives our behaviour as a part of integrated multi-human world, employing a rich spectrum of emotions, like love, compassion, brotherhood, awe, pride. Integration sometimes fails, manifesting with shame, envy, contempt or haughtiness.

When we consider the ultimate organism: the whole planet, there is nothing anymore to compete with. It’s still changing nevertheless, not growing much, but rather becoming more complicated, reorganizing internally into more sophisticated and interrelated structures.

To be poetic again – it’s creating beauty. We are part of this, both as a maker and the outcome.


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