Adults intimate connections

Beyond child - parent relationship In the former post I described the role of early child-caregiver relationship as the first fundamental relation shaping child integration with the world. This relation importance diminishes in adolescence and is replaced by new intimate relationship with another adult person (see also here). This new relationship will have the crucial role … Continue reading Adults intimate connections

The importance of human connections and how they shape our life

Let me expand the concept of Integration that was introduced previously. I want to present how connections between human beings keeps the World together and governs our feelings and behaviours. I'll start by stressing that connection should be understood literally - it's not a mere metaphor intended to stress importance of human relations. We are born and … Continue reading The importance of human connections and how they shape our life

From a child to a (un)happy adult

Treating man as an element of something bigger gives a new perspective to growing up and personality building theories. To present this, let's start from scratch, by changing human and attachment conceptions: 1. We need to cease human individuality. See human primarily as a part of the human community, element of a greater whole or one cell in … Continue reading From a child to a (un)happy adult