Schizoid, Histrionic and Narcissistic personality disorders

Here is presented another group of personality disorders. These are examples of the guarded personalities which developed defence mechanism protecting their inner self from the “evil” World. Unfortunately, these defence mechanisms seal the personality in its damaged child form, preventing it from ever being healed and mature.

When childhood went awry – personality disorders

I will not go through formal descriptions of Personality Disorders, presenting raw criteria is not a goal of this blog. Just an ultra short summary in case you are not familiar with this topic: one has a Personality Disorder if all this applies: a) he feels and behave differently than most other people, b) he or … Continue reading When childhood went awry – personality disorders

From a child to a (un)happy adult

Treating man as an element of something bigger gives a new perspective to growing up and personality building theories. To present this, let's start from scratch, by changing human and attachment conceptions: 1. We need to cease human individuality. See human primarily as a part of the human community, element of a greater whole or one cell in … Continue reading From a child to a (un)happy adult